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You may have seen the article at right in Wednesday's Times-Picayune. Here's more information...

On January 17, 2008, community leaders from riverfront neighborhoods saw a presentation by Sean Cummings about his "Reinventing the Crescent" project. The meeting was hosted by Councilman James Carter. During this presentation -- which was an update of the plan last seen in July 2007, we were very surprised to see that Sean's committee had added a new slide about the Mandeville Street Wharf in the Marigny.

Sean said in this meeting that the Mandeville Street Wharf in the Marigny Neighborhood should include an open air/outdoor nightclub with performances like you might have seen at the "Warehouse nightclub in the 1970's." Be sure to check out this Wikipedia link for more info about the Warehouse. Oh, be sure to notice - it was indoors!! Can you imagine living anywhere near this?

Has there really been a market study saying there is a need for such a nightclub on government property, competing with privately-owned clubs? Isn't this going to be a terrible noise nuisance for the neighborhood - especially since it's open air?

None of this was discussed in any of the public meetings. Neighborhood leaders are asking: where did this come from?


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Watch this WWL-TV news clip on Reinventing the Crescent.

The New Orleans Riverfront Alliance (the Alliance) was formed in response to a concern expressed by citizens of New Orleans regarding the process and the proposals that have been presented by the New Orleans Building Corporation (NOBC) under the auspices of Reinventing the Crescent (RTC).

The committee of architects, city employees, and others has begun to outline their plans for the redevelopment of the property downriver from Canal Street as part of a 6.4 mile development from Jackson Avenue into Holy Cross. The New Orleans Building Corporation under the leadership of Mr. Sean Cummings, has established a committee called Reinventing the Crescent to handle the process.